Photo Bracelets

Photo bracelets are fast becoming the most popular wearable around.

PB 101 Series Bracelets.

Photo bracelets of all styles.

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PB 102: Religious theme

Photo bracelet shown in wood design with religious theme.

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PB 103: Photo bracelet with religious theme.

PB 103: Photo bracelet shown in hemetite glossy black finish.

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PB 104: Photo bracelet in hematite finish.

PB 104: Photo bracelets in shiny hemaitite finish with Religious theme.

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PB 105: Photo bracelet

PB 105: Photo bracelet shown in natural wood with Religious theme.

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PB-106: Photo bracelet-hematite finish.

PB-106: Stylish photo bracelets. Shown with religous photos but great for corporate logos, Etc.

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